Improve Your Life One Breath at a Time

Decrease anxiety, improve focus, and upgrade your health with simple, science-based breathing exercises.

A screenshot of the app containing an educational article on the benefits of nose breathing

Real Benefits, Backed by Science

No mantras, no visualizations, no bull.  Just breathing animations and exercises backed by decades of clinical research.

The Breathwork App That Users Love

One Deep Breath works – but you don’t take our word for it…
"Stress & anxiety life-saver"
- Amanda
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"Incredible for remaining calm in stressful situations, trying to sleep, and just overall grounding with anxiety."
"Absolutely Empowering"
Danielle S
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"This app has helped me take back the power that my anxiety has robbed me of."
"The best breathwork app available"
Deirdre V.
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A huge variety of exercises with settings from beginner to advanced, plus breath education courses.

Breathe When You Need it Most

Stress doesn’t wait for convenient times to pop up.  Use our 3-minute animations and soundtracks on the go.

Take Control of Your Day

Set reminders to breathe throughout the day and give your body the boost it needs to succeed